The RUNDOWN on GoGoGrandparent

Volume 59

October 11, 2017



WHAT IT IS: A company that provides access to on-demand ridesharing companies like Uber or Lyft without the use of a smartphone.

WHY WE LIKE IT: We recently heard about GoGoGrandparent from a friend and our first thought was “wish we’d thought of that!” The company, which uses automated technology to order rides via the telephone, is basically geared to seniors who may not own a smartphone (or are not comfortable using traditional ridesharing apps). But it can also come in handy for anyone whose phone doesn’t support the latest version of these mobile apps, too.

Once somebody signs up for the service, they can request a ride with a simple phone call. After hearing “Thanks for calling GoGoGrandparent”, they can press 1 to be picked up at home, 2 to be picked up at the place they were last dropped off, or 3 for a custom pickup location. Access to an live operator is also available 24/7 and pickups can be scheduled in advance.

There’s even a cool safety feature that allows family members to get up-to-the-minute text alerts, including the driver’s name and phone number, while somebody (like their parent or grandparent) is en route.

The company was co-founded by Justin Boogaard, whose grandmother wanted to use Uber, but did not own a smartphone. He couldn’t find a service for her, so she asked him to start one of his own. Now, GoGoGrandparent’s service is available in all 50 states and Canada and they plan to add new features soon such as grocery delivery and caretaker check-ins. Way to go Justin—we bet your grandmother is proud of you!

HOW MUCH IT COSTS: GoGoGrandparent charges $0.19 per minute for the entire time the monitoring service is being used. A premium over booking directly to be sure, but not too high considering it gives many more people access to transportation.
NOW, TAKE THE FIRST STEP: Visit to sign up or call (855) 464-6872. Let us know if you (or someone you know) gives it a try!

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