The RUNDOWN on Ullo

Volume 58

September 27, 2017


WHAT IT IS: A wine purifier that removes sulfites and restores wine to its purest, most natural state.

WHY WE LIKE IT: Did you know that most wines are infused with sulfites, a preservative, so that wine can be shipped and retain a shelf life? Ullo uses “Selective Sulfite Capture filter technology” to remove these sulfites from the wine and restore it to its original, preservative-free state, without altering the flavor of the wine.

This tech product has a super sleek design, which allows you to filter wine by the glass or bottle. It even has an aerator: with a simple turn you can opt to aerate your wine (or not).

We’ve had our eye on this Chicago-based company since they first launched their successful Kickstarter Campaign in 2015. They raised more than $250,000 and officially opened their online store about a year ago. Founder and CEO James Kornacki, who created this product because he always remembered his aunt who was not able to have a glass of wine due to a sulfite allergy, also has a Ph.D. in chemisty from our alma mater (go Northwestern!) And the company is located at MATTER, which is a health technology co-working space in the city.

(Curious about the name? Ullo means “pure wine” and is pronounced “oo-low”.)

HOW MUCH IT COSTS: The Ullo filter retails for $79.99. Pair it with a carafe for $129.99 or a decanter for $149.99. You can also purchase extra Ullo filter packs starting at $19.99.
NOW, TAKE THE FIRST STEP: Buy Ullo products directly through their website, Amazon, or the major retailers listed here.  It’s never too early to think about holiday gifts, especially if you know someone who likes gadgets and wine.

Cheers! A votre santé!

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