we discovered it.
we liked it.
now, we’re sharing it.

That’s exactly the motivation behind our newsletter, The RUNDOWN, where we keep you ‘in the know’ on tech you can use.


Twice a month you’ll receive ‘the rundown’ on a new company, website or app that we tried and liked. Share it with your friends or name drop at your next cocktail party. The choice is yours.


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We discovered it. We liked it. Now, we’re sharing it.

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What We Do

People feel intimidated by technology and don’t know where to begin. We did, too! But, we jumped right in and now we want to help others get up and running!

We share.

We discover, curate, and share what “resonates” with us. Our newly launched newsletter, The RUNDOWN, keeps you “in the know” on tech you can use.

We teach.

We think learning Twitter is a great first step to get “up and running” so that’s our focus in 2015. Give one of our classes a try!

Who we are

We are lovers of technology. We are the early adopters and Twitter enthusiasts. We speak fluent social media. And we can help you learn it (and love it) too.

  • Gieriet Bowen

    Gieriet Bowen

    Gieriet is a tech and start-up enthusiast with experience in ecommerce, sales/rapid scaling, and consulting. She is a graduate of Holy Cross and Kellogg School of Management. Gieriet and Kendra have helped hundreds of clients get “up and running” with confidence on Twitter.

  • Kendra Olvany

    Kendra Olvany

    Kendra has worked in sales and marketing in financial services and travel, and is passionate about building communities through social media. She is a graduate of Williams College and Kellogg School of Management, and is Co-Founder of The Licorice Project.