The RUNDOWN on Healthy Living App

Volume 53

July 12, 2017


WHAT IT IS: An app that gives health and safety ratings for more than 200,000 food and personal care products.

healthyliving-appWHY WE LIKE IT: It’s estimated that we each use more than 10 health and beauty products each day, exposing us all to all kinds of chemicals. And yet, how much do we really know about what we are putting in and on our bodies? This app helps you make safer choices by giving you instant access to the Environmental Working Group’s (EWG) robust databases of safety ratings.

EWG recently combined two of its’ best resources (Food Scores and Skin Deep, which we featured in Volume 4of The RUNDOWN) into one new easy-to use, visually pleasing app: Healthy Living. (It’s a much better name in our opinion!) Simply scan the barcode or enter the name of a product and you’ll quickly get a rating based on a 1 to 10 scale based on a variety of elements including ingredient concerns. Review the findings (the lower the score, the better) and decide whether this is a healthy product for you and your family.

The app also has a “Browse” function, which allows you to search for ratings for EWG Verified Products, Sunscreens, Cosmetics, and Foods, which are then further broken down by category. This summer we clicked on the Sunscreen category to get a list of the “Best beach and sport sunscreens” after finding that our usual (very popular) brand was not quite as safe as we once believed.


NOW, TAKE THE FIRST STEP: Download the Healthy Living app from the Apple or Android stores. Scan items you currently use or intend to buy to see how they rate.

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